Self Importance

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  1. marc

    this saying is sad but true. However, stats show that a home-schooled person; when encountering a bully, can handle it loads better than the conventionally schooled student.
    key point, to be aware of are.
    -there is a feeling of diminished self importance within the bully, from various probable environmental factors.
    -they are functioning from a place of strong insecurity, they project the pain they feel internally onto the outside world in an effort to not feel alone in their pain….especially they possibly attempt to hurt kids that are the “nice” onces. purpose? it is to put a nice kid onto the internally hurt levels of the bullies (life situation). the bully may feel a moment of common grounds with his victim because he has gained emotional equality with someone of a different social standing…..

    without self-importance then we all become mindless “Borg”

    • navigator

      I think you nail it Marc, insecurity and projection are key factors in a bully, which derive in a mask.

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