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Faster shipping is here and how it works (hint: UPS)


Hello all, we know that our UPS shipping might have been a little bit buried. So we decided to place UPSs logo around here and in the title of this post to make it easier for you to notice that you can have Revolt! tees in lightening speed!

Hey guys!

We are so excited to announce that we finally can ship to over 60 countries in 2-5 business days guaranteed, we have partnered with UPS to deliver the tees (and other goodies we are working on) in that time and at a good price.

Although there is a little extra step for this to work, we are currently working on integrating UPS into our checkout process, but in the meantime here is what you need to do:

1. Contact us (through our contact page) writing your address (street & number, municipality or region, country and zip code) and the number of tees you want (along with sizes, very important).

2. We will answer you with the quote for the entire order.

3. You pay through Paypal to the email address we will provide.

4. Once we have received the payment, your order will be processed like any other and you will receive an alert once it’s completed along with the UPS tracking code you can use to track your order at

5. Receive and wear your tees!

Yep, if you want regular shipping (15-20 business days) you can just go to the checkout process as usual. These instructions are for the expedited shipping only.



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Worldwide shipping coming soon!

Hey guys,

This is only to let you know that after a long struggle, we will be soon be in the position of shipping worldwide. We have crafted a partnership with an international shipping company that will enable us to deliver almost everywhere, within a few days and at a fair price.

We know there are a lot of folk out there that have been asking for this, so we took the task to find out how we can provide quality service, and specially, reasonable delivery times for those far away from our location.

Starting monday we will reveal the details of the process, for now, it will be a little different of what you might have in mind, but nonetheless, it will be good enough for everyone.


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One hundred orders

Hello fellow rebels!

This post is to share with you guys that today we arrived at our first hundred orders! We are stunned and very grateful to reach this milestone! And now that the dust has settled a little, we are ready to continue with the surprises.

This next week will be one full of big announcements, we are ready to unveil a bunch of things we  have been working on and a revamp of some of the stuff that is already out there.

hint: we have been listening to some of your most frequent requests.

So stay tuned folks!



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Yes! We are open!

We are pleased to update you guys with great news, our webstore is now open!

It’s been quite an adventure. From idea to opening day its been months full of joy, frustration and excitement and now we are ready to rock.

Thanks to everyone, this is a very special day for us here at Revolt! t-shirts for La Revolución.

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Getting close to launch!

Hello world!

The Revolt! team is working in preparation to launch as I write this (will happen sooner than later!). The date is not set yet and we are not taking orders either, but we are just DAYS away. We will inform you guys as soon as we are ready. In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, our RSS feed or keep checking the site to keep up with the updates.