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Free decals and 5% store-wide discount

Hey guys! It is summer time and we are giving away free decals along with our tees! Plus get a 5% discount using coupon code “five” (without quotes) at checkout!

For our decals, here is how it works. If you buy:

  • 3 to 4 tees, we will make sure you receive with your order one 20cm decal of your choice.
  • 5  to 6 tees, get one 40cm decal (or two 20cm decals) of your choice.
  • If you buy 7 or more, receive one 60cm decal or three 20cm of your choosing.

Let us know your preference sending us a message with your order, an email or if you choose not to get in touch, we will!

If you are curious about unit conversions from cm to in, consider this

  • 20cm -7.874in
  • 40cm – 15.748in
  • 60cm – 23.622in

Check out our decal collection here, and if you have doubts how to use coupons, click here to learn more.

You can still use the coupon code if you buy under 3 tees 🙂

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Third anniversary celebration


We are celebrating big time at Revolt!

First, we are having a store-wide 10% discount using the “three” coupon code. Use at checkout! (learn how to use coupons)


New designs!

putin1_negro p2_w_b


But that’s not all!, if you buy

  • 3 or more products – get one 20cm (8 in) decal.
  • 5 or more products – get one 40 cm (16 in) decal or two 20 cm (8 in) decals.
  • if you buy 7 or more – get one 60 cm (24 in) decal or three 20 cm (8 in) decals.


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How to use coupons


It’s really easy to use Revolt! coupons. All you need to do is to enter the name of the coupon at checkout!

First, select your products 🙂

Second, when you are ready, go to the checkout page. There you will see the link to enter your coupon code.

Click on “Click here to enter your code”.


Then, the “Apply Coupon” box will show up.


Enter your code in the box. Click “Apply Coupon”.


Finally, do a happy dance!


Coupon applied successfuly!