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Yes! We are open!

We are pleased to update you guys with great news, our webstore is now open!

It’s been quite an adventure. From idea to opening day its been months full of joy, frustration and excitement and now we are ready to rock.

Thanks to everyone, this is a very special day for us here at Revolt! t-shirts for La RevoluciĆ³n.

8 thoughts on “Yes! We are open!

  1. What are these T’s made from?

    1. They are all 100% cotton, the print is vynil transfer.

  2. Let us know when the XL’s and XXL’s come in! Great t-shirts! :-{)

  3. When will you have shirts in extra large (XL) size? I can’t wait to buy some!

  4. @Jess, @Jason,

    The XL size is definitely a go, they will be ready by the end of the month (or earlier if circumstances permit it) and the women’s T’s will be ready around the same time as well *cross my fingers*, so subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed. Anyway, we will make the announcement through our blog, so stay tuned!

  5. Got my T-shirts today! Looks really great!

  6. i want a t shirt too!!!! dont you ship to Australia??

    1. Yes OLI, please check out this post

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