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  1. Dear Revolt Ppl,

    Today, buying a t-shirt for my godson, I’ve just noticed a typo in the Accessories menu (‘Accesories’). My proofreader eye just came to the rescue :p

    Best regards,


    1. -great catch! thanks to your proofreader capacities, you have earned a little something we want to send you over email (pretty sure you’ll like it!)

  2. Hello. I have tried to order with paypal, but i get always redirected to my shopping cart when applying paypal as a method for payment, but there is no other offered way to pay. Maybe you have an idea what that could be. I am ordering from Austria. Thank you.

    1. Hi! We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with the payment. If you want, you can send us the details of your order to:, and we’ll send you a payment request to see if that way works. Cheers.

  3. I am trying to apply the REVOLT20 coupon for my current order and do not work

    1. Hi kiketibidor, could you please try again? We fixed it 😉

  4. Folks I am a bit concerned that you credit male authors when using their quotes, but have no qualms about stealing credit from female authors. Can you please give credit where credit is due? Maggie Kuhn, an amazing activist and speaker, was the author of the quote “Speak the truth even when if voice shakes” and certainly deserves credit for inspiring so many others. C’mon guys – do the right thing!

    1. Hey Lara! Thank you very much for the feedback, you are right. It was not our intention to “steal credit from female authors”, we had no idea of the source at the moment. We’ll update the design right away 😉

  5. what happened to “You can deny reality, but you can not deny the consequences of reality”?

    1. That’s a good quote Stuart, will design something and let you know as soon as it’s ready. Thank you for the idea 🙂

  6. Couple of ideas for T shirts:

    Alan Turig, the man who cracked the WW2 enigma machine code was not only gay, but also working class, the gay bit is noted more than his class.

    TED talks [graffiti pic of Ted Bundy]

    HRC and Teresa May [gpic] side by side with words: “Now where did I put that multi national life insurance policy . . . ? ?”

  7. Gracias

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